Wirral is home to some of the most beautiful, scenic countryside in England. Whilst on your visit to Wirral, we suggest that you make the most of the Wirral countryside by trying some of our very best rural attractions.

Just a few highlights include:

  • For ramblers, cyclists, horseriders and birdwatchers visit the beautiful Wirral Parks
  • For lovers of flora, fauna and stunning landscaped gardens, visit Ness Botanical Gardens
  • For those interested in attractive and historical parks visit Birkenhead Park

Wirral Peninsula is made up of several towns, many country villages, and smaller hamlets. The country villages are especially attractive, and provide visitors with interesting and quiet places to visit.

The unique landscape and huge wealth of wildlife in Wirral is one of the area's greatest assets. With hundreds of acres of woodlands and heath to be explored, in places such as Wirral Country Park, Bidston Hill or Heswall Dales Local Nature Reserve.

Discover pockets of ancient woodlands, heath, desolate marsh and idyllic meadows.

There are several attractions based throughout the Wirral countryside, from farms to award-winning Ness Botanic gardens, many of which provide great activities to get children enjoying the great outdoors and country life.