Heritage Open Days in Wirral

The Heritage Open Days 2023 will run 8-17 September and are an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the local buildings that we often pass everyday with out a second glance. It is an opportunity for the doors of history to be opened and the heritage inside to be revealed and celebrated.

Every year, in September, the Heritage Open Days offer an opportunity to visit the buildings either not normally open to the general public or free access to properties that usually charge for admission. This is a fabulous opportunity for the public to discover the heritage that shapes where we live now, and the lives of our forefathers. Whether it is lighthouses, places of worship or iconic buildings, they all reveal the footprints of the past.

With over 40 historic buildings open to the public and some 35 heritage tours and talks available, Wirral's Heritage Open Day programme gives residents and visitors alike the chance to explore and enjoy the area's outstanding heritage.

For more information: www.wirralhistoryandheritage.org.uk

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